What is Pure Approved ®

When a product is Pure Approved, you can rest assured that we have done the exhaustive research to find the best for you and your family.

You may be thinking what about all the other speciality marks that seem to be everywhere.  There’s no lack of people “certifying” something, however we have our own unique 3 step method of insuring your receiving a safe and efficacious products and services from people who are on a positive mission.

We look at the company that made the product. Do they have a deep commitment to the environment and do they make truly safe products? Are they honest (no greenwashing) and willing to share what goes into their products so we can assess the impact of the ingredients they use? Are they “doing good things?”

We research what goes into the products we carry so that you can have peace of mind and buy from Pure Living knowing that you are doing everything you can to avoid and eliminate toxins and bad chemicals from your daily life.

We don’t stop there

All the products we sell on Pure Living are also evaluated by people, just like you. We have a volunteer group, all in the planning, pregnant or planning stage of their life that get to try the products before we add them to Pure Living. They put everything through a “real-life” test and then give us feedback which we share with you. We know that a great laundry soap with nothing bad in it, isn’t going to help if it doesn’t get things clean.

Our service offerings including those that check your water,materials and air are all EPA certified and meet strict regulatory demands. We know that their standards reflect the highest industry level. As an example, our air and material evaluations are run by a firm of women who are tops in the field. They are recognized subject matter experts who lecture on air quality nationally and have a long history of  being leaders in the industry. 

Finally, we work to develop relationships with our vendors. We actively search for smaller businesses, started by people with unique stories. Businesses that have a conscience and care deeply about the quality of their product and the safety of their customer. Our goal is to help, in any way we can to get these smaller businesses the visibility they deserve. While we also do business with larger companies, these smaller businesses, usually started out of need and passion and hold a special place in our hearts.

Have Questions:

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Perhaps you’ve seen a really great new product or service or…. need some additional information, we’re here to assist.