Your Right to a Natural Birth Your Right to a Natural Birth
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Your Right to a Natural Birth

It's your body, birth, and baby. Check out the World Health Organization's list of pre and postnatal guidelines that can help you make the most of your birthing experience.

by / Views 207 / March 2, 2015

Pregnant women want one and only one thing: a happy, healthy child. But I bet having a natural, healthy birth is pretty high up on the list, too. Count yourself lucky if you can manage them both, because for many women, they’re not exactly exclusive. Despite all our medical and technological advancements, childbirth remains one of our most natural human processes. And it’s still essential to many mommas that their baby come into this world naturally, no matter what the circumstances.

Hospital, home or birthing center; OBGYN, midwife or doula: no matter how you choose to have your child, know this:

You have the right to exercise control of the conditions of your labor and birth.

If you feel you aren’t being heard, speak up! See the World Health Organization’s list of pre and postnatal guidelines and talk to your caregiver about your requests as a mother-to-be so you can have the best birth experience possible.

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