When you consider a pregnancy you’re entering into a new challenging environment where every aspect of your life can be upended.

There are some basic considerations for a safe, low toxicity pregnancy so let’s make some simple changes.

Safe and Non-Toxic

First what do we mean when we say a safe non-toxic pregnancy. Well it’s something of a misnomer because we can only make things safer, not totally safe. Non-toxic is another term open to interpretation. At Pure Living we are talking about the real deal. Real certified organic products, that actually work. Addressing your air and water quality with tests and awesome verified retailers that we love working with as they “get it” and are committed to the highest standards and run businesses you and I want to support. For a safer pregnancy let’s do 6 things.

1. See your healthcare provider

See your healthcare provider and when possible, well before a pregnancy. Make certain to tell them you’re planning a pregnancy. Why, it’s best to start at the pinnacle of your best health.  Your building a child who will carry your best efforts forward for decades, even millennia. Think of putting the best parts together for the best possible outcome, a healthy baby. Oh and let’s not forget, it takes two to tango and both of you should  be following this advise.

Seeing your healthcare provider should include a comprehensive evaluation of your bodies. This starts with a physical examination that really looks carefully at your body, from your fingernails to your toes. Then you’re going to have your your chemistry evaluated. This should include far more than a typical blood test. You want lots more information.  With some of the newest technology you can now easily get accurate results for your hormones, from a urine test. You absolutely want to explore your and your partners genetics. Don’t settle for less.

2. Stop your harmful habits.

When we talk about a more healthy lifestyle obvious smoking, drinking, drugs and partying, till the wee hours is counterproductive. The science is in and the impact is lifelong for your youngster, so…. buck up and let’s make some positive changes. Some in the healthcare field suggest at least a 6 month to one year time frame  to change habits and clean up your internals.

When we skimp on sleep your hormones change, along with causing more stress on all areas of your body. When we talk about drugs don’t exclude the prescription and over the counter products and of course supplements. There are many websites that allow you to check if your medications/supplements can be an issue.

3. Exercise

Then of course we should talk about exercise. It’s so essential for proper function from the thought of being pregnant and  throughout the  pregnancy, don’t put this lifestyle change to the back of the bus. In fact did you realize that exercise has an impact on both of you when it comes to fertility ? There are so many ideas about what’s adequate or even too much. Start slow and then work yourself into a habit. Use your web access there are loads of free resources from dance to full on exercise and let’s not forget your local gym.

4. Change your Environment

Every day and in most homes we are living in a somewhat toxic environment. Think about the air, is it clean ? Inside most homes there can be up to 10x more concentration of dust, oils, chemicals and a host of bad actors. Ask yourself when was the last time you aired out the house. Thought about an air cleaner ? What about your water ? You’re probably going to think, oh no…..what do I do. The good news is that there are plenty of options and most are easy and low cost. Pure Living will be bringing you a host of options, stay tuned. First steps…..change your cleaning products, for your dishes to your body. Easiest change…ditch the fragrances and I mean all of them. Soap to dishwashing and laundry agents. This alone will make a great start.

Other considerations, you spend 7-9 hours in your bed daily. Ever consider if you’re exposing yourself to fireproofing agents. They are a concern and found in the majority of all Americans bloodstreams. This is an issue that many not be an inexpensive fix but considering that most beds will last for a decade think of it as an investment. Oh and know that you’re not putting yourself at risk, because even the natural bed solutions are equally as fireproof.  PS. Pure Living offers a no shipping cost options from three retailers, from crib to king mattress.

5. Food, eat organic when possible

Did you realize that over 50% of us are eating organic foods ? Have you seen even the smallest of food retailers are offering organic choice. There’s good reason as even reducing the commercial foods decreases your body’s store of pesticides.  Yes the organic foods tends to be a bit more expensive but think of this approach as insurance. Pesticides can impact your child’s development and cause some disorders that are devastating.  You don’t need to be  100% organic and using the EWG list of the top 15 clean foods and avoid the dirty dozen,will truly makes a difference.

Consider reducing your chemical stresses by eating lots more veggies and fruit.  Whole foods with lots less of the empty calories is a sure way to feel better and have a healthier pregnancy. Consider substitutions for soda, fried foods and sweets. When you switch to real less processed foods there will be a transition period. It’s amazing how only a few weeks of better eating can reset your taste buds and make you feel better. Contemplating or being pregnant is an excellent opportunity to change your habits, long term.

6. Money, consider saving some

It’s not surprising that raising a child is expensive. The median for raising a child for the first year is about $11,000 or more. Yep it’s a big expense and it’s going to be ongoing for a long time. So what to do…. Consider saving and family planning. Getting the hand me downs from your relatives, friends and forming a network with other parents. Consider any help that your parents and relative can bring from babysitting to helping with the other needs.