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Washing your hands with some sanitizers may be the wrong move !

It’s been almost a year and change of non-stop hand washing and applications of questionable products applied to you and your family’s hands.

Did you ever think that the products may actually be toxic and cause harm ? How often have you used the supplied dispenser in the store or your home and gotten a whiff of perfume or wondered if all the alcohol on your skin is the same as drinking the stuff.

The scary answer is yes, skin absorption is a consideration and not to be taken lightly especially when your applying the products to your skin regularly. “Can Intensive Use of Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs Lead to Passive Alcoholization?” tells the story of a typical day exposure for health care workers. The results “Based upon an average of 30 hand rubbings per healthcare professional per day, it can be assumed that a healthcare worker may be exposed to a maximum 5,500 mg/m3 per work shift, five times above the recommended occupational time weighted average limit.”


Well not to confuse the issues there’s more. In a recent FDA warning additional hand soaps are being recalled for…….. you guessed it: microbe contamination. I thought this was intended to do the opposite. The manufacturer Absaea Cosmetics failed to have the stated amount of alcohol in its product. Money talks and people pay the price.

Toxins in Sanitizers:

If you’ve been following the news, months ago we had the recall from poisoning and death as some manufactures were cutting corners and using the wrong alcohol, methanol (wood alcohol) a known toxin and some had contamination with 1- propanol, which the FDA states: “…can be toxic and life-threatening when ingested.”

Need to check your product ?  The FDA has a  listing at where you can find 230 entries as of the date of this article….. scary eh ?

Take Aways:

  • Consider only using soap and water if your using medications that state not to take with alcohol or you have any issues with your liver
  • Avoid the fragranced products. as most contain endocrine disruptors
  • Don’t fall for the “FDA approved” BS they don’t ever approve any hand sanitizers
  • Use soap and water, it’s the best safe option (unscented of course)


The Newest Sanitizer Offenders; Page 1 of 23 and you’ll see the same bad actors time and again!