Saying "No" to Screens Starts with You Saying "No" to Screens Starts with You
Mom using telephone and computer

Saying “No” to Screens Starts with You


by / Views 120 / July 17, 2015

Are you near a tech device? Are you reeeeeading this???? Guilty.

Technology drives our daily lives. Tapping, texting and swiping is how we modern-day mortals communicate, read, work, and entertain ourselves. The first sight of an article like this makes us feel shameful and guilt-ridden because, yes, we are all doing it.

It’s no secret that our lust for tech is interfering with how we interact with our children – but we can change that now, by unplugging and being present in their lives.

Kids learn by example. Let’s show them a better one.

The NYTimes Well Blog has a few guidelines about how to train yourself and your kids on all things ‘tech’.

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