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Seven Toxins in Baby Products


by / Views 481 / June 30, 2015

I’m not a hypochondriac. Ok, yes, I do my share of worrying over unknown ailments and Web MD may be bookmarked on my laptop, but I’m just your average worrywart…I think.

When it comes to my kiddo though, all bets are off. And when I found this list of products to avoid I was horrified to realize that during her first six months of life my daughter has been exposed to lots, and lots of these toxins on her skin, hair and bottom – all done by me.

After I cleaned house to rid all the products with these ingredients I jotted them down to keep it handy when I’m buying a product for her or one my friend’s kiddos. It’s also a constant reminder to me that “less is best” when it comes to products for our bodies and our babies.

Check it out for yourselves and see what hidden toxins are lurking in your baby’s products.

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