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Sex and Pregnancy: Boost Bonding & Brainpower


by / Views 262 / March 7, 2015

Wanting to tone down your sex life while you’re expecting is a common feeling during pregnancy. But now that you’re out of the woes of the first trimester, it’s time to get back into the saddle again! Your second trimester will likely give you a fresh boost of energy you’ve been lacking, and a dose of hormones have kicked into gear that are making you feel a bit more free and frisky. Indulge in these!

Keeping an active sex life during pregnancy benefits both you and baby; it delivers relaxation for your body and mind and provides much-needed bonding between you and your partner. More good news is that maintaining a regular sex life – no matter what your age – has been shown to boost not just your mood, but also your brainpower. Read up on The Women’s Brain Health Initiative report on what benefits you can expect if you keep fiery in the bedroom.

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