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We Use Three Criteria for our product/services selection:

Pure Living uses three measures to determine which firms make the grade and are carried in our store. After evaluating ~700+ firms we found that green washing is still prevalent in the industry. This means that their goods were either misrepresented or potentially unsafe, regardless of the claims.

We don’t accept marketing fluff. At Pure Living we ask hard detailed questions and expect honest answers, with documentation.

Our criteria include that the manufacturers all meet high standards of quality, this means that the chemistry/function and claims are valid. The second is functionality. It’s not enough to be natural and safe, it’s got to work. Our third evaluation, are they a great company, doing social good.

When we started to work with eco friendly and non-toxic products, back in 1983, the field was less than accepted nor had the breadth and width of the current offerings. Since that time, we formed Pure Living LLC to be able to bring you a wide array of needed services and products. Our staff consists of physicians, home makers and scientists, with kids, spanning a broad range of expertise and interests. So we “get” your needs and have put to the test the products and services.

Our expansion will be obvious every time you return to our site as there are literally 100’s of companies that will be joining our store. So stay tuned for lots of great changes and if you find something your wanting or are curious about a product, drop us a line at info@PureLiving.com.

It’s both fun and rewarding to work with the wide array of devoted individuals in this field. Their passion and dedication to quality, while being good stewards of the planet, make us happy to bring you their products and services.