Turn Smartphone Into a Monitor With This Baby Monitor App Turn Smartphone Into a Monitor With This Baby Monitor App
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Turn Your Smartphone into a Video Baby Monitor

by / Views 224 / April 22, 2015

As a new mom, you’ll often feel that you can never leave baby’s side. But rest assured that you can get rest and other things done (a shower, anyone?) and keep your eyes on baby at all moments of the day; that’s where baby monitors come into play.

With the rapid increase in technology over the past decade, the prices of baby monitors with fancy features have risen exponentially. Luckily, a newly developed app, Dormi, gives you the ability to turn not only your current smartphone or tablet into a complete baby monitor, but your old android devices as well.

Check out these handy features:

  • Audio sounding from monitor to monitor
  • Recently updated ability to video viewing
  • Ability to press a button and speak into the device to send your voice to the device on the baby’s side

As long as you have WiFi, you’re able to download the app and benefit from the features offered. This app allows you to have your own personal baby monitor right at the palm of your hands for wherever you go!

So relax while baby rests, and don’t worry about spending a fortune, either: a lifetime subscription to Dormi is only seven dollars! Seven dollars.

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