The grill’s are flaring up all over your neighborhood and so is the summer sun. It’s time to slip into the lawn chair, sip some lemonade and slather on the sunscreen.  I know, UV rays, booorrrrr-ing. But always remember what your mother said: “before you soak in the sun slap on the sunscreen.” Pure Living agrees with mom, that’s why we’ll be exploring sun health & safety this week and next, starting with sun safety during pregnancy.

During Pregnancy

There are a more than a few not-so-nice skin side-effects during pregnancy, and yes, throwback puberty acne does top the list. Our ever-changing hormones can also affect the skin’s pigmentation – known as chloasma or “pregnancy mask” – a condition that can occur in up to 70% of pregnant women. You’re more likely to develop chloasma if it runs in your family according to the Baby Center, but sun exposure plays a role too. So it’s a good time to try to avoid the sun, and when you are out in the sunshine use a good sunscreen.

Safe Sunscreens for Pregnancy

Non-nano mineral sunscreen is best. This type of sunscreen helps you avoid unnecessary chemicals getting into your blood stream. It’s the type of block that sits on top of your skin providing a physical barrier between you and the sun so it’s your best bet at fighting off the rays. Zinc oxide is the best UVA/UVB block approved by the FDA, it’s the stuff your grandmother used before any of these chemicals were even invented! But since you’re working hard to grow the healthiest human you can, avoiding unnecessary chemicals in your blood stream is a must.

So lather up ladies, and stay tuned for our upcoming article on sun safety for baby.