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Baby Sleeping On Towel

Help Baby Sleep with These Sound Machines


by / Views 76 / February 26, 2015

I never of thought my house’s old wooden floors or the wag of my dog’s tail when she’s full of excitement would bother me. But when my little girl settles down for her afternoon nap (finally!), each creak of the floor and whap of the tail sends me into full anxiety mode. I never wanted to be the mom who tip-toes around (count that among all the other things I never thought I would do as a parent), but I find myself slinking and shushing almost daily. It’s a good thing there’s an app for that!

In order to get a good night’s sleep and get a few things done around the house while the little one sleeps, we found the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. It’s a lovable stuffed sheep that attaches to the crib, bassinet or stroller and lulls little ones to sleep with natural noises like spring songs, ocean waves, whale songs and the mimicking of a mother’s heartbeat.

And when you’re on the go, try this handy white noise app from iTunes. Just download it on your phone and leave it within baby’s earshot for a perfect peaceful sleep, no matter where you are.


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