Sleep and Pregnancy: How to Get Great zzz's Sleep and Pregnancy: How to Get Great zzz's
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Sleep and Pregnancy: How to Get Great zzz’s

by / Views 781 / March 2, 2015

Think you’re going rack up some sweet shut-eye before baby’s arrival? Think again. Sorry momma’s-to-be, but poor sleeping patterns begin to set in all too soon thanks to some annoying, yet common, sleep disturbances brought on by pregnancy. Nausea, heartburn, leg and feet cramping, and frequent trips to pee are most common. And many women (this one included) experience their very first snoring episodes thanks to baby crowding the lungs.

As with all parts in the pregnancy package, most of these sleeping side-effects come and go depending on how far along you are. During the first trimester most women find nausea and heartburn to be the biggest bears; throughout the second and third trimesters, women are combating those gut-wrenching charlie horses and the battle to get comfortable in new side-lying positions. The Baby Center offers tips and tricks on how to get better sleep now…while you still can.

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