The 2 Best Apps For Tracking Your Period The 2 Best Apps For Tracking Your Period
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The 2 Best Apps For Tracking Your Period


by / Views 2407 / April 8, 2015

In our busy lives, there’s nothing us women hate more than being caught off-guard by that pesky present from Mother Nature once a month.

If only there were some way to keep track of your cycle without having to constantly check calendars and set reminders. Luckily, there’s an app for that! Although these top two apps for tracking your period won’t stop the cramps and the bloating, they will give you peace of mind and security knowing they have your back when the womanly woes start.


This is a period tracker that predicts dates for your next period, PMS, and days you’re most likely to get pregnant. Are your moods connected to your cycle? Simply track what you’d like to know more about, and Clue will take care of the rest. Reviewers of this app really liked how it notifies you two days before your next cycle to give you a heads up.


Winner of the 2014 Webby for best health and fitness app, Glow is a period tracker, fertility, and reproductive health log all in one. It showcases menstrual and ovulation calendars to help women learn about their fertility, whether they are avoiding or attempting pregnancy.

Both of these apps are voted best for tracking your period, and are available for free on both Android and iOS. They’re specially designed to help each and every woman manage Mother Nature’s persistent, pesky present.

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