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Mom talk is not cheap. Quite the contrary, mom-to-mom chitchat is worth a million bucks to those planning to enter into motherhood. It’s research – often solicited and savored. That’s why we love this tell-all survey taken by 1,000 American mommas who talk straight about giving birth.

Here’s a quick preview:

  • Docs are in: 76 percent of surveyed moms used an OBGYN to deliver their baby, and personal referral was the most popular method used to find a provider
  • 65 percent shaved their legs before going into labor
  • 41 percent of moms found labor easier than they originally expected
  • 46 percent of moms cried, 23 percent cursed, and 12 percent got mad or yelled at their partners during labor

Check out the all the mom talk below.

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