Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


Did you ever consider that one of the most compelling exposures we all experience is our bed, mattress and pillow ?

Most of us spend ~8hr encased in the bedding breathing and in contact with the products, directly. Your children especially our youngest sleep longer time periods and inhale and absorb more questionable chemicals which have an impact on their development.

Did you know that most mattresses have a combination of treatments including mold inhibitors, stain blockers and off gas a lot of toxins  ? Yep most of us are sleeping in a chemical soup that is far from healthy. Your  petrochemical foam pillows out gas for years and could be one of the first things to change to enhance your health. You’ll find options under bedding in our store.

The cotton industry is the largest user of pesticides worldwide. ( dirty crop) Why would you want to put your nose and mouth next to these toxins?

Good News: There are lots of excellent options available that will provide comfort and great sleep.  Start with our store options at our expanding bedding section.


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