Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Vacuums (Real Industrial level HEPA filters)

When you’re going to purchase a vacuum there’s a lot to learn.  The key to a great vacuum is its ability to collect dust/dirt and keep it in the bag for disposal. The differences between units are substantial. Take for instance the way the unit filterers and separates the dirt/dust and particles.

You’ve probably seen plenty of inexpensive “hepa” claiming units. The truth is in the fine print of how much of the air is actually filtered, what quality level of HEPA filter, and the suction, to name three.

Think of the vacuum filters as being similar to going to the store to purchase an air filter replacement for the heating and cooling of your home. You’ll see filters from inexpensive to high-end for allergies and more. ( See MERV ratings)

Vacuums are similar however, consider that your dust is one of the most concentrated collections of the forever chemicals (fireproofing agents), allergens, plastic particles, bacteria and more. When you vacuum you’re putting fine particles back into the air from the exhaust of the unit and breathing them into your lungs, unless you’re using a quality tool. 

At Pure Living, we have loads of great articles discussing the impact of air pollution affecting you and your family. We carry these high-quality units as they are consistently rated as the top performers, (consumer reports) have great warranties, and truly remove the offending dust and dirt without replacing them into your air.

There are many configurations of vacuums from the canisters to the upright. The cleaning head can be driven by air or electrical. It all depends on the type of floors in your environment and which accessories will fit you

Questions….please drop us a note, we’re happy to assist you in making a great purchase.


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