Home Cleaning Microfiber Cloths – 8 Pack E-Cloth


E-cloth fibers attract moisture and oil lifting and trapping dirt/grease/grime/bacteria.

Includes 8 cloths to clean the entire house:

  • 1 12.5″x12.5″ Kitchen Cloth with Scrubbing Pocket
  • 2 16″ x 20″ Glass & Polishing Cloths
  • 1 Bathroom Cloth
  • 1 Window Cloth
  • 1 Dusting Cloth
  • 1 Stainless Steel Cloth
  • 1 Range and Stovetop Cloth
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More Effective Healthy Cleaning With Less Effort
E-cloth fibers attract moisture and oil lifting and trapping dirt/grease/grime/bacteria

True Chemical Free Cleaning – Proven to remove over 99% of all bacteria (including e-coli and listeria) from hard surfaces with just water

Where to Use: Every room in the house – everything for Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Stainless Steel Cleaning. Includes a cloth to clean all types of hard surfaces such as stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile and wood

Guaranteed for 300 machine washing
That’s a lot of free cleaning when you think that its performance is guaranteed for 300 machine washings. These microfiber cloths are durable cleaning tools used over-and-over, but the most impressive thing about them is how well they clean – just about everything in any place – and do so with just plain water.
The cleaning power comes from remarkable fibers with microscopic texturing that attract moisture and oil, lift and trap dirt, grease, grime and bacteria without using any potentially health-harmful chemical cleaners.

E-cloth microfiber cloths are made of millions of tiny fibers that pick up dirt which normal cloths just leave behind. When we say tiny, we mean each fiber is about 1/200th the width of a human hair.
These tiny fibers attract moisture and oil, lifts and traps dirt, grease, grime and bacteria. Leaving your surface clean and polished with no chemical residue left behind. This process is healthier with no chemicals used.

Made with 80% polyester/20% polyamide.
Made in Korea


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